Mailand, München, Madrid, London: Unsere Food-Experten stellt die aktuellen “Places-to-be” für Foodies in Europa vor.

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

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MILAN HOTSPOTS – The best events for eating and drinking in Milan!

An exposition site of 1.1 million square metres, more than 140 countries and international organisations involved, and over 20 million anticipated visitors – but this is only the beginning: the city is in motion, generating new ideas and dedicating itself to one of its most important works to date. Outside of Expo Milano’s gates, in the city of Milan, there is a world of events to explore. Here are the top events selected for Ketchum!

A raw vegan dining experience – First vegan restaurant in Milan
Introducing Mantra, Italy’s first raw vegan restaurant (totally gluten-free), offering a tasting menu carefully prepared by chef Alberto Minio Paluello and costing 30 euros, including wine pairings. Taste
cold-pressed Mantra juice and dishes such as red turnip ravioli filled with a sweet pepper-peanut sauce, zucchini lasagne with marinara sauce and macadamia ricotta cheese, and fresh bread with smoked
cheese and herbs.
Where: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 21
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Peace Kitchen – Culture and food under the rising sun
Sake and nigiri tastings, interactive dinners, meetings and installations, mochitsuki (a ceremony to prepare mochi, a rice-based dessert), traditional dances and cooking lessons. The kitchen of Un Posto a Milano will offer a menu of exquisite dishes created by chef Nicola Cavallaro, where traditional Japanese meets Italian cuisine.
When: until 31 October 2015
Where: Museo Branca, Torre Branca and the eight Milanese bars listed above
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20 chic four-course meals – Dinners at Unico Milano
Among the many renowned guest chefs are Enrico Bartolini of the Devero Ristorante, Marco Sacco of Piccolo Lago di Verbania, Angelo Sabatelli of Monopoli and Antonio Borruso of Umami di Bormio.
When: every Sunday evening from May to October
Where: Viale Achille Papa, 30

James Beard American Restaurant – Rotating cast of chefs from the US
The James Beard American Restaurant offers the opportunity to taste contemporary American gourmet cuisine thanks to a rotating cast of renowned chefs coming to Milan from across the United States. The celebrated Italian chef Massimo Bottura is slated as the chef for the United States’ Independence Day on 4 July, while every Thursday, guests will be able to experience a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Sundays feature an authentic American brunch.
When: 8 May to October, Tuesday to Friday (evenings) and Sunday brunch (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
Where: Seven Stars Galleria Hotel, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11/12, Piazza della Scala entrance, fifth floor
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Max Pett
Opened in 2010, Max Pett has become one of the top vegan restaurants in Munich – and it’s not just for vegans. The reason for its popularity could be chef Peter Ludik’s creativity and passion for recreating traditional meat dishes in a vegan way.
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Moda & Food
The well-known shopping mall Moda Shopping located in the AZCA business district of Madrid is changing its positioning to become a leading light in fashion and now also gastronomy. With its new name Moda & Food, the shopping centre will offer its more than 100,000 daily visitors a more impressive array of gastronomy.
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Food truck mania comes to Spain!
It has not been easy because Spanish legislation limits food truck activity to fairs and private events, but young entrepreneurs and well-known chefs are fighting to turn this new fashion into a very popular trend in our country. It doesn’t matter that they can’t cook on wheels – this new restaurant concept seems to be a good option for a country where people live in the street.
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Located in the gourmet experience area of the El Corte Inglés department store near Serrano street, this new corner gives the people of Madrid the opportunity to taste the ice cream served at El Celler
de Can Roca (the best restaurant in the world) without having to travel to Girona. There’s no point in describing how good this ice cream is … you simply have to try it!
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El colmado de mama campo
A new biological food shop in Olavide square, Madrid. With the idea of rediscovering traditional flavours and encouraging the consumption of healthy and natural food, the new shop offers a variety of products from small farmers and producers who take care of the environment.
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A masterclass in London’s booming street food business. By Nicola Hanley, Ketchum London.

As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, I can clearly remember my first experience of street food, when I was working out of our Chicago office. As the clock ticked midday, the office was abuzz with my fellow colleagues frantically making their way out for lunch, desperate to get their hands on some delicious lunchtime treats at the Mac & Cheese truck. It seemed a world away from my usual Pret sandwich
or baked potato; one trip, one taste, and I was hooked!

I rushed back to London and proclaimed to my colleagues “Food trucks are the future”. Less than twelve months later, I was proven right, with everything from tasty falafel wraps to Pad Thai noodles being offered from pop-ups and takeaway vans across the capital. Street food had arrived!

So, whilst it may not be an entirely new concept in 2015, one street food collective has embarked on a mission to ‘make London taste better’ – creating a new kind of street food market for London. KERB
describes itself as a “curated crew of talented traders” serving menus in the city’s most iconic spaces every day of the week. KERB was founded by Petra Barran – a woman who has been widely credited as driving London’s biggest food revolution in recent years.

As well as being known for the fantastic foodie events it puts on around London, KERB has also become a hub for traders and mobile foodies. KERB aims to offer food traders a space where “new businesses
can start, communities can grow, flavours can be found and fun had!”

After KERB recently introduced a membership fee for its traders, speaking to The Huffington Post, Petra Barran commented “It’s something that lots of people want to be involved in and we want to encourage that, but we’re getting more fussy about who we accept. We’ve started charging a membership fee and have become more professional. We want membership to be a seal of quality. We want to democratise good food. The idea of ‘street food’ is being trendified as a career option. But we’re saying: let’s leverage this!”

KERB street food market currently appears at London’s West India Quay, Spitalfields Market, the Gherkin, King’s Cross, Paddington, South Bank and Riverside.
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