The sixth issue of our Inspire magazine is dedicated to the many and varied aspects of visual communication. We take a peep behind the scenes of visual products, from video clips to press photos. Our authors provide recommendations for the use of imagery in various areas of business and industry, such as the tourism and food sectors. And we also discuss possible applications in different fields of communication, for example corporate communication and change communication.

In addition, we offer you a number of visual tips for your own sphere of work, whether it involves PowerPoint, the use of new visual online tools, or “visual thinking” with the aid of sketchnoting, graphic recording and graphic facilitation.

There is a diverse range of options for visual working. When devising visual content for the eye – and the brain – the challenge is to find which forms are most suitable for the particular company and the relevant subject matter. So you can look forward to plenty of “appetizers” on the following pages.
Enjoy reading!

The Inspire magazine can be downloaded here:  KP Inspire Magazine#6 Visual Communication_EN.