Teresa Sorg von Ketchum Pleon Frankfurt hat einige mobile Helfer für junge Eltern zusammengestellt. Neben allgemeinen Ernährungstipps und Rezepten war auch etwas ganz Neues dabei: Konkrete Hilfe. Könnte das ein Vorbild für die moderne Food Kommunikation darstellen?

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

Food trend childrens nutrition_großTeresa Sorg from Ketchum Pleon Frankfurt found mobile helpers for young parents. Beyond common nutrition tips
and recipes, they have come up with something new: specific advice. A role model for modern food communication?

Nutrition and food trends are omnipresent topics that everybody is dealing with. For young parents who wish to get their baby or toddler used to healthy and sensible nutrition, this is particularly important. After all, healthy development and an age-based food variety go hand in hand.

In addition, children’s nutrition is a social topic, as the reasons for a child being overweight can often be found in childhood nutrition habits. Diseases such as high blood pressure, hip problems and cardiovascular disease can often be traced back to incorrect food habits. This generates enormous costs for the healthcare system.

Many tips and information regarding good and appropriate nutrition for children can be found in magazines, on websites and in parents’ communities. The food pyramid, calorie recommendations for every age and simple recipes are the basics – additional advice is helpful: a nice atmosphere at the table, bite-sized food and family rituals make meals a pleasant experience for kids.

Something which is new and increasingly popular is apps that focus on children’s nutrition and therefore give parents mobile, direct help. One of the newest projects is the programme KULINARIX initiated by the Adalbert-Raps-Stiftung, the company foundation of the spice producer Raps, which is involved in social initiatives in Bavaria. The starting point for better quality, networking and balance in children’s nutrition is the digital platform vitakid at four day-care centres in Kulmbach, Bavaria.

Vitakid is aimed at parents and childcare workers. It is a healthcare app that offers more than 1,200 recipes for children. The app can be customised to anybody’s taste and a child’s special needs (e.g. in case of allergies) wherever and whenever the user needs it. Sport games complete the offer of healthy living advice. This should help boost the cooperation between parents and day-care workers to another level in a modern way – for the children’s sake.

The network ‘Gesund ins Leben’ (A healthy start in life) offers an app especially for the first year of a baby’s life. The network is an association of relevant institutions, companies and organisations that deal with young families. It is supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The app Baby & Food offers a detailed plan including recipes and tips for a baby’s first year. Nutritional advice for breastfeeding mums, checks and calculators for every day give mobile support for young parents and are suitable for every month of a baby’s life.

Specific advice for children’s nutrition seems to be a trend that is getting more and more attention in public and private life. On their ‘traditional’ websites, federal ministries, health funds, parents’ communities and food magazines permanently offer up-to-date information regarding healthy and varied nutrition as well as playful exercises for kids. The digital, personalised way is now the next way to walk.

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