Ana González von Ketchum Madrid hat einige neue Gastronomiekonzepte entdeckt, bei denen Küchenchefs mit Wissenschaftlern, Ingenieuren und Designern zusammenarbeiten.

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

Gastronomy trends_großAna González from Ketchum Madrid discovered new concepts
of gastronomy where chefs collaborate with scientists, engineers and designers.


Producing wines without grapes, organising the gastronomic opera El Somni or capturing the volatile soul of a perfume and turning it into an edible reality … Is this just innovation or is there something more to it?

At El Celler de Can Roca, which was named the best restaurant in the world for the second time by the prestigious magazine Restaurant, the creative team constantly challenges the meaning of the word gastronomy by creating new concepts that combine science with taste and emotions.

Only a few weeks ago, the Roca brothers (Joan, Josep and Jordi) presented La Masía, their new innovation centre. This is a place where gastronomy is approached from different disciplines, a special environment where things happen all the time. Lectures, readings, role exchange … A team composed of a scientist, a perfumer, an oenologist, an engineer and a botanist view gastronomy from different perspectives. One of the most interesting projects under investigation at La Masía consists of recovering traditional but in some cases long-forgotten vegetal species from the Girona area to be used in
the kitchen. So far, they have registered 2,800 different species and, of the 350 species analysed, 30 are already being used in the restaurant.

With the help of a dedicated team, the Roca brothers are doing unimaginable and almost impossible things at La Masía, such as distilling wood, leather and wool. As Jordi Roca put it on the big blackboard
during one of their usual brainstorming sessions when they write down hundreds of ideas: “Impossible just means that you haven’t found the solution yet.”

According to Joan Roca, “non-conformism is what has made us move forward”. The Roca brothers’ desire to innovate goes beyond dishes and cooking, and is aimed at inspiring emotions. The team is even
taking a course in sensorial perception to be able to better explain to their guests how they would like them to feel. This summer, the Roca brothers are planning to embark upon a new and ambitious project: taking their restaurant and the whole team to Buenos Aires, Houston, Miami, Birmingham and Istanbul.
They will spend five weeks submerging themselves in new cultures, learning different culinary habits and cooking techniques, and getting to know new ingredients. They will also create a special menu for each country, based on the different cultures and products. Furthermore, this tour de force will also be a great opportunity for young chefs in the different countries, since some of the most outstanding will be given the opportunity to come to Girona with the Roca brothers to further develop their skills and widen
their culinary horizons.

But the Roca brothers’ merits are not only of a culinary nature. They strongly believe that haute cuisine has a role to play in making the world a better place. Their commitment to the local community and to
the people of Girona hasn’t changed one bit since El Celler de Can Roca was named the best restaurant in the world for the second time. Because, as Joan Roca humbly says, “the best restaurant in the world
does not exist. Each person has his/her own best restaurant and that is what matters”.