Shelley Roth von Ketchum San Francisco stellt Ketchum’s renoviertes Food-Studio vor, das unseren Kunden weltweit dabei hilft, in Echtzeit digitales Storytelling zu betreiben.

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

food studio_großShelley Roth from Ketchum San Francisco introduces Ketchum‘s renovated food studio that helps our clients around the world engage in real-time digital storytelling.

Nearly 40 years ago, Ketchum was the first large agency to plant its flag in the food marketing landscape with the formation of its food division and the launch of the Ketchum Kitchen. This space, initially established as a venue for recipe development, was a testament to the agency’s commitment to helping our clients navigate trends and issues across the food and beverage spectrum.

With the advent of modern-day chefs attaining rock star status and their restaurants serving as their platforms, the role of food in the global marketplace has evolved … and so has Ketchum. In April, Ketchum reaffirmed its commitment to culinary creativity by relaunching the Ketchum Kitchen as the new Ketchum Food Studio.

As part of Ketchum’s Global Food & Beverage Practice, this state-of-the- art culinary communications centre blends digital communications and culinary expertise into a content-generating machine that can help Ketchum Food & Beverage clients distance themselves from their competition. And, as the food and beverage landscape continues to grow and evolve, the new space also serves as a hub for the practice’s
360-degree consulting services for all of Ketchum’s clients – not just those in the food and agriculture industries.

“Building on the 40-year legacy of the renowned and respected Ketchum Kitchen, the Ketchum Food Studio addresses the complex, multidimensional world of food today,” said Barri Rafferty, Senior Partner and CEO of North America. “This renovated studio beautifully showcases Ketchum’s ability to help our clients around the world engage in realtime digital storytelling while staying rooted in the Global Food & Beverage Practice’s heritage, which includes culinary design and creativity.”

“We are in the middle of a food revolution, one powered by information technology and driven by consumers.”
Linda Eatherton, Partner, Director, Global Food & Beverage Practice

Shelley Roth is the Director of the new Ketchum Food Studio and her team is comprised of six culinary experts – including Steve Siegelman, VP, Senior Creative Director and author of more than 37 cookbooks – who are ready and able to offer any Ketchum client or prospect a host of support options, such as recipe and menu development, new product concepts, nutrition programmes and more. As the
icing on the cake, the Ketchum Food Studio staff work closely with StoryWorks, a content and strategy design team, on creating dynamic and engaging digital and social content for each client’s individualised needs.

“As leaders, it is our obligation to continue to transform and advance our Global Food & Beverage Practice,” said Linda Eatherton. “The new Ketchum Food Studio is a virtual engine of food content and creativity as well as a hub for our food and beverage professionals worldwide to share and deepen food industry insights. That, along with our Food 2020 research and growing professional expertise, enables us to provide our clients with breakthrough strategies and creative work.”

The Ketchum Food Studio routinely features trend, issue and thought leadership panel discussions moderated by some of the agency’s food leaders, as well as cooking demonstrations by a variety of chefs and bakers. A team of registered dieticians provides consultations on healthy recipe and menu development.

Increasingly, the Ketchum Food Studio is helping restaurant chains and food manufacturers with menu and new product development. For example, the Ketchum FOOD ive Culinary Immersion programme, an experiential food think tank that takes clients and their customers on thought-provoking, off-the-grid culinary voyages, is being used to stimulate fresh R & D thinking and marketplace insights. Tours of various US and global markets generally include a medley of restaurants, food trucks, retailers and emerging concepts. Ketchum experts guide and moderate the sessions and conduct brain-teaser exercises to generate the best thinking. They then turn that ‘blue-sky’ thinking into breakthrough,
marketable culinary concepts that give clients an unrivalled, competitive edge.

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