Paola Chiasserini und Rachel Niemoller von Ketchum Italien stellen das Highlight aus 2015 für Food-Lover heraus: Die World Expo in Mailand.

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

world expo_1world expo_2Paola Chiasserini and Rachel Niemoller from Ketchum Italy highlight the place to be for food lovers this year: the World Expo in Milan.

Millions of people from around the world have headed to Italy on the occasion of what has become known as the most extraordinary world’s fair in decades, Expo Milano 2015. Taking place from May 1
to October 31 in Milan, Italy – dubbed the “Number One Place to Go in 2015” by The New York Times – Expo Milano 2015 has welcomed close to 20 million visitors from across the world.

With its food-focused theme, ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, Expo Milano 2015 offers the opportunity to explore (and taste) the cultures of over 145 different countries – all on one exhibition site. Focusing on the fair’s central mission of feeding the world’s population of nine billion by the year 2050, the participating countries are presenting their innovative strategies and ideas of how to rise to this exceptional global challenge. See how Israel turns its arid terrain into fertile land, climb Brazil’s jungle-like web over clusters of fruits and flowers, experience the desert dunes of the United Arab Emirates, breathe in the oxygen of Austria’s forests and sample authentic cuisine from around the globe. From gourmet Mexican tacos and Japanese street food to fresh kale salad at the USA ’s Food Truck Nation, local Italian artisanal products and a supermarket of the future, you can taste how nations throughout the world are adapting their respective culinary habits to nutritiously and sustainably feed the planet.

Throughout the six months of this universal exhibition, Milan has hosted a multitude of cultural events both on- and off-site Expo. Italy’s fashion capital and business hub has been transformed into an
international hot spot; from art shows, pop-up restaurants and extravagant galas to global conferences on issues including food security and sustainability, B2B meet and greets, live cooking demonstrations with some of the world’s top chefs, terrace talks and more, visitors are experiencing Milan like never before.

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