Ana González von Ketchum Madrid beschreibt die aktuellen Food-Trends aus Spanien.

Ein Beitrag aus unserem internationalen Foodmagazin “Inspired by Food No.2 – Ketchum’s Tasting Notes”:

Tapas 2020_großAna González from Ketchum Madrid describes the current trends in Spanish food.

Over the years, the Spanish tapa has evolved from a slice of ham or cheese on top of a glass of wine to a kind of miniature cuisine, i.e. the long and narrow menu that tapa has become nowadays. The renowned Spanish food journalist María Jesús Gil de Antuñano* thinks that current trends will continue evolving until a new revolution comes up. By revolution, she means, for example, the change from the French style of food consumed in Spain at the end of the nineteenth century to the nouvelle cuisine started in France by Paul Bocuse and continued in Spain by Luis Irizar’s disciples in the 70s: respect for the main ingredient without hiding its taste, shorter and more precise cooking stages that preserve the ingredients’ nutritional properties, fewer calories, delicate scents …

The second big revolution incorporated science into cooking and explained food reactions in a scientific way. In Spain, it came from Ferran Adrià, but it took place almost simultaneously in several countries.
These two revolutions had both great and awful followers.

The current trend seems to go back to traditional cooking based on these premises: proximity in time and space, i.e. a nearby orchard or point of capture and a short period of time until the product arrives in the kitchen and between preparation of the recipe and the moment of consumption.

For María Jesús Gil de Antuñano, it seems clear that the trends for the coming years will be as follows: excellent products collected or captured recently, traditional preparation with fewer calories, and simple presentation.


*Jesús Gil de Antuñano is a Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Great Cross of Merit for Food from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Chévalier de l’Ordre Alimentaire of the French Ministry of Agriculture and National Prize of Gastronomy.